The English Cocker Spaniel is known to be a gun dog, the type of dog that originally assists in hunting, finding, and retrieving game, normally birds. It is an active, well-natured dog. It is well known for its compact built and its good withers stand. It closely resembles the American Cocker Spaniel, its American cousin.

General Information

The English Cocker Spaniel is a compact, medium-sized dog. Its head is arched and normally looks flattened a little when seen from the side. Its muzzle takes the same length as the head all in all, with a distinct stop. The nose color may be brown or black but it depends on the color of the coat. Its teeth meet in either a level or scissor bite. It has oval, medium sized eyes that are either dark brown in color or hazel colored in liver coated dogs. The ears hang low and long, covered with wavy or silky hair. It has straight front legs and a deep set chest. The topline slopes slightly from front to back, yet almost level. English Cocker Spaniel breeders normally have the tail docked, even though tail docking is illegal in numerous parts of Europe. Its cat-like feet are composed of tight arched toes.

Coat and Color

The hair is short and fine in the head and medium length in the body. Feathering is also present in the chest, ears, legs, and abdomen. Colors of the coat are normally solid black, red or liver. It may also have partial coloring of black and white as well as red or liver-colored markings. Various colors are acceptable, but in dogs with solid colors, white is only admissible in the chest. Tan markings in black coats, liver and parti-colored ones may also be possible. Depending on the length of hair, an English Cocker Spaniel may either be field or show type. The field has shorter coats than show types.


English Cocker Spaniel is a robust, sturdy, and intelligent dogs. It’s perky, lively, lovable, and pleasant. This dog excellent with children because it can be playful yet gentle. The dog is also willing to listen to its masters. Additionally, it is an average barker.

These cockers are considered as superior companions as well. They are outgoing and can socialize with strangers easily, but those without enough socialization might be reserved. These dogs are also great with family cats.

Both field and show types need adequate exercise but the field line needs more than usual. Level of dominance highly varies, even with puppies of the same litter. This breed is sensitive to the tone of voice and may not respond well to harsh training and discipline. They will also not listen if they feel that they are stronger willed than the owner. If one thinks that he is not firm yet calm, this may not be the right dog to own.

Common Health Problems

English Cocker Spaniel can be prone to ear infections. Its ears must be checked more often than usual during summer. Because the ears hang close to the ground, it may be infested with ticks or burr which may lead to deafness. English Cocker Spanielcan also gain weight easily, so it is a must to not overfeed. They are also prone to rage syndrome, the condition wherein the dog would suddenly attack savagely without any warning, with the dog seeming unaware of its surroundings. This syndrome is said to be an epileptic disorder that affects the emotion-related parts of the brain. Thus, although they are great with children, owners must also look after them constantly.

English Cocker Spaniel Grooming

Because of the length of their hair, English Cocker Spanielsneed regular brushing and combing. Dry shampoo or bathe them as necessary. Check their ears regularly for signs of infection, dirt, seeds, and other particles. Clean out excess ear wax as well. The hair must be brushed to the feet down and have it trimmed ad leveled with the base of the feet.

Other Basic Information:

  • Normal height and weight: Height: 15-17 inches (dog); 14-16 inches (bitch). Weight: 26-34 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 11 to 15 years
  • Litter size: average of six English Cocker Spaniel puppies