Cocker Spaniels can show bad behavior, especially those who are adopted as full-sized adults that have not gone through proper Cocker Spaniel training. While it can be worrying to find your dog showing signs of aggression, it is possible to correct the behavior as long as you’re willing to devote your time in Cocker Spaniel training. This article takes a look at some basic tips you can follow to get rid of your dog’s bad behavior.

Some of the tips you can follow in dog training a pet that shows signs of bad behavior are:

  • Show your dog who’s boss. Dogs are natural pack animals, which is why you need to assert your authority as the leader from the very beginning. That way, your pet will know that you are the one that he or she needs to obey and not the other way around.
  • Start your training as soon as possible. The longer you delay dog training, the more your pet will believe that his or her actions are acceptable. Get dog training started as soon as possible. You don’t have to do the big things at the beginning. Start small, such as clapping loudly whenever your dog attempts to bite to show that that type of behavior is not acceptable.
  • Be consistent. Make sure to impose all of the rules firmly. Dogs respond well to consistency, so if you’re going to train him or her to avoid doing certain behaviors, make sure to be consistent in letting him or her know that what he or she is doing is bad, instead of letting him or her get away with the behavior at some times but not in others. Take care not to yell or hurt your dog during dog training. One reason why pets, especially older ones, show bad behavior is because they haven’t been treated well in the past. As such, be firm but be patient during the entire process.

Try to train your dogs as early as possible to keep them from acting out when they are older. It will be more difficult in dog training older pets, so catching these bad behaviors while they’re puppies is the most effective way in toning down aggression. If need be, you can have your pet neutered or spayed to lessen your dog’s natural instinct to be territorial.

Even the most badly-behaved dogs can be trained to become less aggressive and more obedient, as long as their owners show them proper love and patience when it comes to Cocker Spaniel training. The important thing is for you to be patient throughout the process, especially since it can take a while to weed out bad behavior completely.