The cocker spaniel puppy is an instant darling to the public’s eyes because of its medium built and its fluffy and silky coat. Cocker spaniel puppies are extremely sweet dogs, whether they are black cocker spaniel puppies or chocolate cocker spaniel puppies. These medium-sized charmers come in different colors. The cocker spaniel comes in solid colors (white, black, tan, brown), solid color with tan parts, and parti-color combinations. They have round, expressive eyes. Cocker spaniels usually have dark brown eyes but some varieties can have blue eyes.

Perhaps, the most outstanding physical feature of the cocker spaniel puppy is the texture of its coat. No dog lover has ever contested this fact. Cocker spaniel puppies are lovely to touch and pet because their coats are silky. They have different coat lengths. The coat on the body is medium length but the ones on the face are short and fine. The cocker spaniel sheds like an average dog. However, it is a must to tend to its exquisite coat. You can take the cocker spaniel to the grooming station for a regular trim or for styling but there are also owners that love to see the puppy’s coat hanging down. The coat must be shampooed often. Detangling and brushing is a must. Cocker spaniel puppies have a delicate coat so be careful not to pull to hard. Other than that, observe regular canine grooming practices. Remember that cocker spaniels have the tendency to tear under the eye so wipe their eyes often.

Most people think that the cocker spaniel is only meant to be a toy dog because of its cute and toy-like appearance. However, this is one of the more deceiving breeds. Cocker spaniels were originally bred in the 14th century to serve has hunting-gun dogs. This task requires them to conquer wet and dry territories and retrieve game using their mouth. Flushing is also one of their abilities. The first breed of cocker spaniels was the English Cocker Spaniel. It was eventually brought to the United States. In 1983, the American Kennel Club recognized the American Cocker Spaniel as an official breed.

Nowadays, the cocker spaniel puppy is considered the ideal puppy for a young and growing family with children. The cocker spaniel is smart, agile, charming, and excellent with children. However, like all small dogs, the cocker spaniel might grow up thinking that it is a superior dog and may treat other dogs and some humans as inferior to them. Therefore, it is important for the master to establish a firm and stable master-dog relationship with their cocker spaniel puppy from its early years. The puppy has to recognize who is in charge to avoid any behavioral issues in the future.

When it comes to training, cocker spaniels generally don’t give humans a headache. They’re pretty intelligent, as long as you remain firm with your commands. They make excellent pets as they are sweet, loyal, and always ready to please their human master. Given their hunting nature, it’s essential for a cocker spaniel puppy to get its daily dose of exercise to satisfy its energy and stamina.