Cocker spaniel puppies are cute, cuddly and are certainly appealing even when they grow up. This has been the driving force behind the increase in demands for both American and English cocker spaniel puppies.

These American cocker spaniel puppies for sale are usually sold online as well in pet stores where the necessary booster shots and paper works have also been filed. Through the years though, people have considered getting cocker spaniels puppies through the stores or trusted and reputable spaniel breeders both local and international.

There are a lot of people who go and get cocker spaniel puppies for one reason or another. May it be because they are looking for a loyal companion or as a mate for their other cocker spaniels. Pet owners however should really do their homework and research about the cocker spaniel breed before going out of their way and getting them. Here are some of the things that a responsible pet owner and dog lover should know about these gentle animals.

  1. Train your dog to avoid Small Dog Syndrome – The small dog syndrome is when cocker spaniel puppies become so obsessed with being pleased that they feel like they should come first before their masters. It is important for dog owners interested in getting cocker spaniel puppies to really draw the line on who is boss at a young age to avoid raising a cocker spaniel that acts like a prima donna. Train cocker spaniel puppies for sale is also a good idea because it will help develop good natured puppies who does not become shy when there is somebody new visiting.


  2. Exercise is key – Aside from the emotional aspect of raising cocker spaniel puppies it is also important to help keep these puppies and even full grown cocker spaniel dogs healthy physically. That is why veterinarians suggest people who have bigger open spaces such as a backyard to get these dog breeds because they still require exercise activities such as running around the backyard. Another good way of enjoying the company of this type of dog or puppy is by playing fetch with them. This keeps both you and the cocker spaniel puppy in a healthy condition.


  3. Visit the vet regularly – Just like any other dog breed, it is important for cocker spaniel owners to bring their pets to see the veterinarian on a regular basis. A good number of visit per month is 2 to 4. Spaniels are healthy bunch of dogs but it is important that they be checked for all sorts of diseases so that they get to live longer.


  4. Know which type of American cocker spaniel you’ll want to get – There are two types of American cocker spaniel puppies for sale in the market today. There are the field lines and the show lines. For people who are interested in joining dog shows with the help of their pet cockers, it would be important that you get a show line type of cocker spaniel.