Are you thinking about what dog breed would suit well to your kind of lifestyle? There are numerous dog breeds out there, but none of them can bring the special kind of joy that cocker spaniel dogs can bring. Known mostly as fashion show dogs, they have one of the more elegant looks that you will find from any breed. Their fur color can range from shining black to light brown. But whatever you wish to choose, they will still bear the same kinds of personalities. Cocker spaniels are known mostly to win dog shows. But as companions in the house, not a lot of people give some thought to what they can provide. Cocker spaniels, for all their worthy glamour, are one of the more loyal dog breeds out there. If one intends to take care and breed cocker spaniel, they have to be hands on every step of the way. Unlike any other dogs, the cocker spaniels puppy age is as important as the day that you bought her from the breeder.

Puppy Stage is an Important Phase

Nobody should value the puppy stage more than you do. As an owner, it is your duty to keep the dog socialized at all times especially when its young. Cocker Spaniels are obvious very social dogs. They are trained to be loyal to their owners and breeders. So in this case, have them come in contact with as many people as possible. If you have guests, show your dog to them. You will find that your Cocker Spaniel is quite reactive to the people around him. This is only proper, as they need to get used to having such attention being focused on them. Dont play aggressive games with your dog, as this will only entertain some part of their personality, which you do not want to see. It is also important that you keep it close to you when sleeping. If it is possible, let them sleep with you in bed.

Keep One Eye Open while the Other One Closed

Though it is important that you keep your dog within the fences of your house, you still have to give it enough room to roam around. In this case, having them around for your kids to play with would be a great thing. Cocker Spaniels are naturally quite active, so it would help if you keep it that way.

Fur has to be Trimmed

Having a cocker spaniel requires a lot of grooming. You dont have to give it the same treatment as a dog whose about to enter a show. Just give it enough attention so that its fur will not grow too long or unmanaged. Going to the saloon is for those who have the money to afford such. But if you want to keep it cheap, you can do the trimming yourself. Its not that difficult really. You just have to keep it neat and tidy enough for everyone to look at.