Cocker Spaniel Training

Training A Cocker Spaniel?

Training a Cocker Spaniel: Physical Description and Temperament It's very important to be truly acquainted with your cocker spaniel if you want to train it properly and effectively. The cocker spaniel is one of the many spaniel breeds that came from Spain. Spaniels have different sizes but basically, all spaniels were bred for hunting.  The cocker spaniel stood out from the rest because it is the smallest. The cocker spaniel is very efficient in retrieving small game. The cocker spaniel easily wins anyone's heart with its expressive dark eyes, big ears, and fluffy coat. The cocker spaniels standout feature is its double coat. The cocker spaniel has short and straight fur on the body while the fur around the facial area, especially the ears, is curly and thick. The cocker spaniel's fur needs to be groomed regularly because it...

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Cocker Spaniel Training Success…

Cocker Spaniel Breed Information

Cocker Spaniel Care

Breeding Cocker Spaniel Dogs

Are you thinking about what dog breed would suit well to your kind of lifestyle? There are numerous dog breeds out there, but none of them can bring the special kind of joy that...

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Cocker Spaniel Puppies

Cocker Spaniel Puppy Guide

The cocker spaniel puppy is an instant darling to the public's eyes because of its medium built and its fluffy and silky coat. Cocker spaniel puppies are extremely sweet dogs,...

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